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KEXP Tours

Public tours have been discontinued. 

Educational Tours

KEXP offers educational tours that are focused on career exploration. We welcome schools, programs, and other groups to our headquarters on Seattle Center campus for a behind the scenes experience and to learn about the various careers that are active in KEXP's facility. Our goal is for tour groups to learn about careers in media, the music industry, and non-profit organizations, whether they are hearing about the career path for the first time or diving deeper into a special interest.

KEXP is committed to providing equitable access to our programs. We are unable to meet the current demand for educational tours, so we are offering tours to:

  • Public schools with 50%+ PMG (People of the Global Majority) and 50%+ low-income enrollment
  • Programs that serve young people who are furthest from educational justice
  • Groups with an industry-specific interest related to workforce development (e.g. broadcast engineering, radio production, non-profit fundraising)

If you are interested in an educational tour, please complete the Educational Tour Request Form.

Questions? Email