Gain real world experience in music and radio

KEXP’s Internship Program seeks to provide interns from historically under-invited and under-represented communities with hands-on experience in the nonprofit arts sector. Our program is designed to develop and equip emerging leaders - interested in furthering their careers - in a variety of fields including music programming, audio production, and nonprofit capacity building. 

Our interns learn skills in business communication, project management, problem-solving, audio technology, database management, and more. These skills and experiences offer our interns a unique ground-level glimpse of the day-to-day life of a community-supported arts organization, while offering relationship building and networking opportunities with individuals throughout the music industry.

Meet the 2024 Intern Cohort!

Meet our interns Gisela, Kaila, Kirsten, and Ella! We are thrilled for them to join KEXP through November and share their skills in Latin American content, library & archives, audio production and mobile software.

photo by Carlos Cruz


Missed the applications for 2024? KEXP's internships open for applications in January each year. We look forward to reading your application in 2025!

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone 18 or older who lives in the Greater Seattle Area and has legal authorization to work in the United States is eligible to apply! Interns are not required to currently be enrolled in school or be a graduate.

KEXP requires staff, interns, and volunteers who work in KEXP’s offices to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Interns are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before they enter the offices.

What to expect from a KEXP internship?

KEXP interns are a part of a cohort, which means the group of interns joins KEXP at the same time and moves through the program together. The term begins in April and ends in November, and in that time interns complete 450 hours of work (average 15 hours/week) and are paid $22/hour. Throughout the term, the cohort will have opportunities to go on field trips, make connections with industry professionals, and meet mentors and friends!

Day-to-day, interns have the option to work at KEXP’s offices or remotely during regular business hours (8 AM - 6 PM, Monday - Friday). However, interns must be in the office at least one day a week and they are encouraged to work in the office as often as they are able. Working in the office provides valuable opportunities to connect with KEXP staff and fellow interns.

Who are we looking for?

We look for life-long learners who are endlessly curious and motivated to make an impact. A successful intern is committed and engaged, and has clear goals that are aligned with the position they apply for. Most importantly, we look for folks who are passionate about KEXP’s mission and have a fanatical love of music!

KEXP’s internship program is committed to creating a welcoming workplace. Having interns from underrepresented and under-invited backgrounds enables KEXP to better meet our mission to serve music-loving communities around the world.

If you have faced barriers that have impacted your career path, we would appreciate reading about them in your application so that we can better understand your goals and who you are. The screener questions in the application are an opportunity for the hiring team to hear your story.

Barriers could be related to income, race, gender, sexuality, disability, education, or anything else that has impacted your access to opportunities in your career journey. For example, if you have not completed high school, if you do not see people who look like you in your desired field of work, or if finances have prevented you from pursuing your career interests, we want to hear from you! Everyone is encouraged to apply. Folks who have had a lack of access to opportunities, Black and Indigenous people, people of color, people from working class backgrounds, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please note that KEXP interns must have authorization to work in the United States.

Still have questions? Reach us internships@kexp.org.

Community Partners

KEXP is partner of Alan T. Sugiyama High School's Pathways to Arts and Entertainment class. We hosts an intern from the school during the period of January-June. 

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